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4. HIWAY 49












             Mess O' Blues    Doc Pomus & Mort Shuman  


                 I just got your letter baby


                 Itís too bad you canít come home    


                 And I swear Iím goiní crazy   


                 Sittiní here all alone         


                 Since youíve gone Iíve got     


                 A mess oí the blues 


                  I ainít slept a wink since Sunday                    


                  I canít eat a thing all day           


                  Everyday, itís just Blue Monday       


                  Since you went away                 


                  Since youíve gone Iíve got       


                  A mess oí the blues 


                  Oops there goes a teardrop      


                   Runniní down my face        


                   If you cry when youíre in love   


                   Man it ainít no disgrace


                   I got to get myself together      


                   Before I lose my mind                 


                   Iím gonna catch that next train rolliní     


                   And leave my blues behind          


                   Since youíve gone Iíve got    


                   A mess oí the blues . . .                                         

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                  Luxury           L. Ray                                             


               My womanís my Luxury   


              My womanís my Luxury     


              She does everything for me   


              My womanís my Luxury                                   


              Now when I get to feel downhearted    


              And you know Iím always up and down  


              Sheís all it takes to get me restarted       


               Cause she can turn my frown upside down      


               And when I get to feel like zero         


               Cause the world has gone and put me down   


               I look up and there she is my hero           


               Sheís all it takes to turn my heart around          


               So when I get to feel like dyiní


               Cause my day has got me tied and low


               Thereís no way theyíre gonna get my heart and soul


               Cause sheís standiní right beside me I know 


               My womanís my Luxury . . . .                                                                                            


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                       Reeliní           L. Ray 


               Cryiní out lonely in the middle oí the night


               Iím Reeliní for my baby she can make it alright


               Walkiní Ďround in circles in the middle oí the day


               Iím Reeliní for my baby Ďcause sheís so far away


               Ah ha-ha  


               Everybody tryiní to tell me what I ought to be


               It only gets me Reeliní doesnít matter much to me


               You want to know your future you can look into your heart


               And when you feel it Reeliní then you know you got a start


               Ah ha-ha  


               People they call me low-down  


               People they call me lazy


               People they call me lazy


               People they call me low-down


               Call my name or play the game or tell oí tragedy


               Now you got me Reeliní now you know I gotta see


               Feelings come and feelings go but Reeliní stays the same


               Reeliní high and Reeliní low Reeliní is my name


               Ah ha-ha  


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              Hiway 49         Big Joe Williams 


                Iím gonna get up in the morniní hit Hiway 49


                Iím gonna get up in the morniní hit Hiway 49


                I gotta find that woman


                I got sweet Melbiney on my mind


               You know that woman


               She treat me bad she make me mean


               Fickle-hearted woman


               To tell the truth she make me scream


               One thing Ďbout that woman


               I want her right back here with me


               Iím gonna get up in the morniní hit Hiway 49 . . .  



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           Baby Get Back To Me        L. Ray 


               I call you on the telephone


               I just couldnít keep away


               And Iím so glad I caught you home


               Cause I got something I gotta say

               Baby get back to me . . .

               I been so long on this road


               Yeah and this hiway it never ends


               But you can bet Iím countiní down the days


              ĎTil your back in my arms once again

               Baby get back to me . . .

               Iím like a sail without my wind


               Iím deep blue without you see


               But I know that all this will end


               Just as soon as youíre here with me

               I gotta say . . . 

               Baby get back to me . . .

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            Wish Ya Wouldaí  Tolí  Me        L. Ray 



               Wish ya wouldaí tolí me  tolí me  tolí me


               Wish ya wouldaí tolí me ya couldnít come


               You want me to come and see


               Be the best that I can be


               You want me to give my all


               You wonít even give me a call


               You want me to be on time


               Stand up straight and walk your line


               You want me to do for you


               Tell me what else can I do 


                I been waitiní here for you


                Contemplatiní . . . Whatíd you do


                I thought we were lifelong friends


                Guess Iíll never see you again


                Wish ya wouldaí tolí me  tolí me  tolí me . . .



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           If You Donít Want Me         L. Ray 


                 If you donít want me


                 Tell me why you hang around


                 Breakiní my heart into


                 If you donít need me


                 Tell me why you look my way


                 Every time that I leave a room


                 If you donít love me


                 Tell me now Iíll understand


                 After all that weíve been through 


                 Say you donít love me


                 We can part as more than friends


                 Or we can start all over . . .  all over again


                  I know the reason you call me


                  When youíre so alone that you just canít stand it


                  I made you cry


                  Now youíre gonna hand it to me


                  If you donít want me . . .


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       One more heartache          Moore, Robinson, Rogers,   Tarplin & White


                       One more heartache    


                   I canít take it baby


                   My heart is carryiní such a heavy load


                   Just Like that house oí cards


                   Stacked up on the table


                   One last card just broke it down


                    Foundation wasnít able


                   Oh I canít take it baby


                   I canít stand it now


                   One more heartache 


                   One more heartache


                   I canít take it baby


                   My heart is carryiní such a heavy load


                   Just like old Sisyphus       


                   When he rolled that stone


                   Roll it up the hill


.                  It just comes tumbling down


. .                Oh I canít take it baby


                   I canít stand it now


                   One more heartache 


                   One more heartache


                   I canít take it baby


                   My heart is carryiní such a heavy load


                   Just like a camel with a heavy pack


                   One last straw broke the camelís back


                   Oh I canít take it baby


                   I canít stand it now


                   One more heartache . . .



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            Baby Please Donít Go        McKinley Morganfield


                   Baby please donít go  


                   Baby please donít go   


                   Baby please donít go down to New Orleans


                   You know I love you so 


                   Baby please donít go  


                   When your man done gone  


                   When your man done gone  


                   When your man done gone down the county farm 


                   You got shackles on


                   Baby please donít go 


                   Before I be your dog


                   Before I be your dog 


                   Before I be your dog I get you way down here


                   I make you walk the log


                   Baby please donít go . . .  


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        Canít Catch Up With Myself         L. Ray 


                    Just canít catch up with myself

                    Feel like Iím somebody else

                    Thereís a reason

                    Thereís a reason

                    All of the things that I do

                    nly remind me of you

                    Itís your season

                    Thereís a reason

                    You came into my life

                    Now I sit and wonder why Iím crying . . .

                    As time just rolls on by

                    There will surely come a place

                    Where I can finally find peace

                    Just canít catch up with myself . . .

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                       Not To Worry       L. Ray 


                     Once I worried

                     With thought and pain

                     Once I hurried

                     I move in vain

                     Sea of problems

                     Helping hand

                     Reach out to me

                     Pull me towards land

                     And together we see

                     All the things life can bring

                     And Iím thinkiní

                      If itís wrong or itís right

                      I donít know itís my life

                      And Iím thinkiní . . .

                      Just one more mention

                      Before I go

                      Take life easy

                       Let it flow  

                       Enjoy your coffee

                       Enjoy the sky

                       Try not to worry

                       Try not to try . . . 


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                Could Be Love        L. Ray 


                        Well I canít find my shoes

                        And I canít fry my meat  

                        Itís not a case oí blues

                        I been down that street

                        I listen to what you say

                        But I donít recall a word

                        Somethinís come over me

                         Itís the craziest thing I heard

                         Could be love . . . 

                         I went down to the store

                         To buy a loaf oí bread

                         It took me an hour or more

                         I got dizzy in my head 

                         I couldnít find my car

                         The sun was so bright and hot

                         I almost got myself rundown

                         In the parking lot

                         Could be love . . .

                         Does the story fit

                         Does it sound like you

                         Did it ring a bell

                         And did that bell ring true

                         And do you find someone

                         Is always on your mind

                         And is your cue for fun

                         Just beiní by their side 

                         Could be love . . . 


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                    See You Soon          L. Ray 


                           Love you

                           Miss you too

                           See you soon

                           Every time

                           We say good bye

                           Thatís the time

                           I come apart inside                                                                                        

                           And I watch

                           As you walk away

                           Count my heartaches

                           Here comes one again

                           Oh I never want to break your heart

                           Thatís not my way

                            I know itís so hard

                            Hear what I say

                            Love you . . .


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