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An original sketch of Pat St.John drawn by PETER MAX in 1991, Thanks Peter!

No one asked me to write this, I'm writing this as a fan of The Reels. I've been an air personality in New York City for 33 years now, and 5 years in Detroit prior to that. Mostly known for playing album Rock n Roll, for the last three years now, I'm heard nationally on Sirius Satellite Radio (Channel 74) M-F from 7PM to 1AM Eastern Time, playing the music which has been my passion all my life, The Blues! I was a personal friend of Freddie King and Johnnie Johnson, I MC d the John Lee Hooker Tribute Concert at Madison Square Garden on October 16th, 1990, and I've met and interviewed just about every rock star I've ever wanted to meet. Visit my web site at to see that I'm probably the luckiest music fan on the planet. I LIVE for great music.

Now, the reason for this note: Ask me what my favorite CD of 2005 was, and Ill immediately say BARE-BONE by The Reels. From the very first notes of cut one, Jet Black Ruby Red, I knew this album was gonna be a killer. I was right. I immediately started playing cuts from this record on my show. When a group can impress me this quickly, and remain a favorite for a solid year now, that's saying something. Expert musicianship from the band and the phenomenal vocals of Lanny Ray, this band has what I long for, a sound that is what I consider to be authentic blues that rocks! Itís music that makes you feel good! Isnít that what its supposed to do?

How often do you discover an album that satisfies from start to finish? These days with CDs, itís so easy to just skip to the next track, but with BARE-BONE theres no reason to. That old saying The Blues had a baby and they called it Rock n Roll has been given new meaning, as The Reels have put together a collection of tunes which obviously has been crafted with expert precision, humor, and a groove that just impresses me every time I listen to it.

Its my belief that they have no idea how good they really are. I don't think they decided to create a masterpiece, I think it just happened naturally, because of their love of rock and blues. That's the way its supposed to happen, but rarely does these days. I can only imagine how the new album they're working on will sound. Man, I cant wait!

Its been a great thrill for me to turn people on to this band, because there's nothing like sharing something great with friends, which I consider my listeners to be. I may have gone on too long here, but I just wanted to say congratulations to Lanny and the band for providing true entertainment for music fans, because these guys really nailed it. They may spell their name The Reels, but I gotta tell you, this is THE REAL THING! Thanks guys, for a CD that is in my machine with great frequency. What more can I say? Iím just telling you how I feel about a band that's gonna be HUGE! I'm spreading the word, because it makes me feel good to turn others on to The Reels, who are truly amazing!

Pat St. John

By David Blue

This opens with the high volume R&B of Jet Black Ruby Red and is as good a start to an album that you could wish for. Lanny Ray gives it his all on vocals and guitar with pounding drums from Dylan Sardo and thumping bass from Pat Anthony. An atmospheric cover of Howlin Wolf's Who's Been Talkin' follows and Me & My Baby shuffles along with more stunning guitar work from Ray. Movin' Up To Malibu is a slow, earthy blues paying much homage to Muddy Waters and the afore-mentioned Howlin' Wolf.

The majority of the album is self-written and Baby Don't Worry is a fine example of the bands craft whereas Soul Blue is a slow electric blues to die for. Fuzz and distortion are the order of the day for I Want You and Ray is on howling form. I'm not surprised to be so taken with him as a guitarist when I see that he has played for Big Joe Turner, T-Bone Walker and Jimmy Reed. This guy has got class. Everybody's Got The Blues is slinky and just glides over you and Early In The Evening will bring you back to earth with its Stray Cats style execution. Robert Johnson's Walkin' Blues is the only other cover on the album and this is the second best (sorry boys) version that I've heard, closely beaten by Scotland's own Radiotones (check them out).

The bass-led Hold On is a standard blues-rock song and maybe would have been better placed in the middle of the album rather than as the penultimate track and the final song is a strange one to finish with after all the high-powered electric blues. Baby, Baby is slow, acoustic and laid-back, not what I've become to believe what The Reels are all about. The guitar solo is excellent as you would expect and I suppose they are just showing their range so I should not be too critical.

This is top class album by a power trio that deserve wider coverage. It shows what is out there if you can just be bothered to go out and look.

David Blue

By Craig Ruskey

...A well oiled trio from the Left Coast, The Reels are Lanny Ray dishing out solid guitar and greasy harp and the tight while relaxed rhythm section of Pat Anthony and Dylan Sardo on bass and drums respectively. Kicking off with a scorcher of an original, "Jet Black Ruby Red" Lanny Ray sets the stage quickly with fierce six string and powerful vocals and a fine version of Wolf's "Who's Been Talkin' " with more strangled axe work. The jazzy swing of "Me & My Baby" is tough and although "Movin' Up To Malibu" with it's slow Jimmy Reed feel and tasty harp is fair the hokey lyrics drag on too long Soul Blue is a gritty, guitar laced excursion with a great arrangement and "Everybody's Got The Blues" is another swingin' shuffle.Thier version of Robert Johnson's "Walkin' Blues" will have purist looking for a noose but proves these guys aren't afraid to attempt moving the blues ahead. Pat Anthony's "Hold On" oars after the acoustic opening and "Baby, Baby" closes out the fifty minutes of accomplished playing with tasteful guitar. Lanny Ray's vocals are strong on the up-tempo pieces but a bit too tame on the lighter feeling tracks and the excellent production work and quality mixing are bonuses. "Bare-Bone" is available at, CDnow and most other online stores

  By Craig Ruskey

Blues On stage

The REEL's BARE-BONE is as good as it gets.

author: B.

These guys are as good as anybody - I mean ANYBODY. Stylishly-done, no song sounds the same, tight, clean and in perfect sync with each other. Strong writing, playing and vocals. The only reason they're not a household name must be because they lack the right manager and promotion. (I'm available, guys.) Kudos to this dynamite band.


A rockin' trio with one hell of a CD

author: Gene Webster

This is one rockin' trio and should go far if their next CD is as strong as this one. Great original blues compositions, a surprising arrangement of Robert Johnson's "Walkin' Blues" and a tasty jazz piece to end the CD. These guys are accomplished musicians and show it by incorporating diverse musical styles from song to song. Highly recommended for anyone who loves Rock in general, the Blues in particular, and has an attention span longer than a gnat's heartbeat.


 best blues i ever heard

author: mike dehaven

I am a hard rock fan but love the blues for the guitar riffs. this cd gets my blood movin. just cant put it down. its the best of both of my worlds in one package. sure hope another great cd is in the works!!!


author: Dillon Ray

I heard this cut called Malibu On XM Radio from The Reels I think its one of the freshest Blues CDs out there. Keep on keepen the blues alive. Thanks D.R.

 A Texas Swagger


author: BluTooth

Found this CD through Electric Blues and glad that I did. This is a nice compilation a raw, in-your-face electric blues with some schuffles and good guitar. It defintely has an SRV, texas flavor. Favorite tunes: Soul Blue, Who's Been Talkin', Jet Black Ruby Red. Nice work and keep it coming.