The Reels featured in the December issue of Classic Rock Magazine!

Out Soon . . .The Reels single “Everybody's Got The Blues” featured in the up coming Release of the movie “The Six Wives Of Henry Lefay” featuring Tim Allen, Elisha Cuthburt, Andie MacDowell to name a few . . .

G u e s t   A r t i s t s . . .The first time I worked with Lisa on a shared project I recognized her outstanding talent and extremely rare personality and professionalism. I also knew that we wanted her to sing on The Reels' next recordings.      I asked her, she said yes and the rest is REELIN' .    

D.A. and I go way back...both live and in the studio. All the qualities you could ask for  in a great player and in a great person are what he brings...we had to have him on REELIN' .

 We're all more than excited about Lisa and D.A. being on this album...both are a pleasure and a privilege to work with.

                                                Lanny Ray   

. . . Review # 1

I could tell 30 seconds in...we got a MIX! Congratulations!

By the end of "Mess O'Blues" my thought was "How am I gonna get past this?" Nailed it!

Luxury, Reelin', Hiway 49, just a stone-groove. Keep in mind I'm on the first listen.

What a cool "Baby Please Don't Go"! A song that's been done hundreds of times, but now with The Reels treatment, wow!

Wait a minute....BULLETIN! What's this Marvin Gaye tune doin' on here? Holy Shit! This white kid from Detroit's gonna blues-up an already funky song & make it rock like this? It works! Another nail job! Whoa!

I gotta stop here & go back for a second play thru.

I think I've got a winner on my hands here.

 You got the mix to where it jumps out at you (at ME!) the way it's supposed to. The stereo, the bass, the highs, they're all there my friends. Your performance is stellar, the song selections are in the pocket.

Again, this is just my first listen, but it certainly won't be the last.

Fabulous rockin' blues guys! Congratulations to The Reels and your entire team on a monstrous record!

This is just the beginning & I'm thrilled to get an early listen.

Pat St. John